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Associate Memberships

CDS are committed to providing the best for both our clients and our workers, simply put people are important to us.

We have held a GLAA Licence since 2013 and we are an active member of the ALP (Association of Labour Providers) and this ensures that we are always up to date with any changes that may affect what we do. We are a Stronger Together Champion and train and test our staff on a regular basis to ensure they know how to spot the signs of modern slavery or exploitation, especially at the recruitment stage.

In addition, we are an active SEDEX member so our clients can see and share information relating to any ethical audits we have undergone. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and are linked to Peninsula so that we can be sure that all our Health & Safety requirements are met and maintained.

We work closely with regulators and other bodies such such as the GLAA, with whom we have many good close contacts that we can report any issues to, ask and receive advice and guidance and assist if required, in any investigation.

Finally we have invested externally in partners that can provide expertise in certain areas, and receive help from an expert Compliance Consultant and also a legal expert who can assist us with all matters of employment law 


What We Do

CDS has its own in-house compliance team who work closely with the CDS MD to ensure all aspects of the business are always conducted in an ethical way.

We regularly review our processes, documents and practices and ensure that we are fully up to date with any legislative changes and that these are passed on to our staff. We design training programmes for our team, particularly to ensure that they know how to spot any signs of exploitation or modern slavery.

We work closely with our clients, deal with any issues of concern and always provide accurate and up to date documentation to support any audit being undertaken on CDS or on our clients’ sites.

We have a good open and transparent relationship with regulators and enforcement bodies, which enables us to quickly report any suspected issue we find and assist in bringing this to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Our clients and any external stakeholders can expect a personal single point of contact with regard to any concerns, and we pride ourselves on reducing risk and preventing worker exploitation.


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