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If you have the skill to Sell, Recruit and Account Manage, to customers and workers then contact us now to find out more about joining CDS Labour and jump start your career now as a Labour Contractor.

What is a Labour Contractor?

A Labour contractor is a person or company that provides workers to client companies on a temporary basis. The workers work at the client company site, but are the employees of the labour contractors.

A labour contractor is different from a recruitment agency in that labour contractors handle almost all aspects of the worker’s employment, whereas recruitment agencies are only responsible for sourcing candidates for employment. Rather than a company hiring a worker, it hires a labour contractor who hires the worker instead.

Our Approach

We are looking for modern, Labour Contractors who are Fair, Responsible, Ethical & Diverse. This position works well for 360-degree Recruiters who want to earn more money in a simple trackable model. Put the effort in and get the rewards.

Why work with Us?

Strategic Vision – You or your team will operate as business POD (Branch). All the money you take into your POD is yours.

Support Network – This is an Employed Role where you have a guaranteed Salary, Company Vehicle, Desk, IT equipment.

Skill-Driven Excellence – 360-degree Recruiters working as part of a larger team and get the rewards

Skills/Qualifications for a Labour Contractor Role

Some experience in recruitmentAnother language other than English
English speakingKnowledge of workers rights in the UK
Organised, driven and hard workingKnowledge of the GLAA/GLAA Standards/UK Legislation
Prepared to work some unsocial hours 
Basic IT skills 
Flexible & willing 
Able to work as a team or as an individual 
Professional, articulate & confident 
Clean driving Licence 
Competitive salary
Potential for regular bonus based on recruitment numbers
Company Vehicle
IT equipment provided
Career OpportunityHours can be long and unsociable
Ability to earn more than the salaryWork may be difficult and challenging at times
Regular salaryPressure to recruit and deliver at all times
Company car/vehicle 
Varied work 
Interactive work on a daily basis 

Labour Contractor – Role and Responsibilities

1Recruit & Hire seasonal and/or temporary workers in order to service client needs
2Effectively manage the hourly/daily/weekly needs of each client in terms of labour provision
3If required to arrange for suitable accommodation for recruited workers, both on and off the clients site
4If required source & arrange suitable daily transport for workers to and from the clients site
5Ensure compliance levels are met and maintained at all times both on the clients site and in accordance with *GLAA Standards, UK Legislation and with the CDS Labour GLAA Licence FRED0010 *Licensing Standards October 2018 (gla.gov.uk)
6Ensure that the working environment is safe at all times in accordance with H&S regulations and that appropriate PPE is provided (free of charge), replaced where necessary and is used where appropriate in accordance with risk assessments.
7Ensure that training is delivered, either directly or via the client, before each worker begins work at a clients site
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