Welcome to CDS Labour

CDS are a labour providing company that specialises in business’s that demand staff 24/7/365. We support our labour users across their markets. We provide van drivers, lorry drivers, farm workers, packers, pickers, trades people, admin staff and many more sectors.

Our impressive user portfolio comprises of professional companies across a range of products and service sectors. Each placement we undertake is to our users specific objectives.

We have knowledge in many market sectors and can help build your staffing needs with out you paying out on advertising and having no results or getting the wrong person and not knowing what to do, the answer is ring CDS.

We are proud of our team. They are Highly experienced and pro-active, our recruitment consultants have extensive commercial experience.

If you have not tried outsourced staff before we have accounts for NEW business’s giving you 30 days credit, so cash flow is not affected and you can earn from your new staff before you have to pay us.

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