Who We Are


CDS are a young, vibrant labour agency, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing GLAA (Gang master & Labour Abuse Authority) Licensed Labour Providers in the UK, supplying many clients, in the Agriculture, Horticulture, Industrial, Poultry & Driving sectors.

CDS have built a strong team that are flexible, dynamic and creative, employing the latest IT technologies and people, in order to provide a high-quality service that recruits and provides the best workers for our clients.

We specialise in providing outstanding support, listening to our customers and providing exactly they want, as fast as we can.

We invest in both our team and our workers; retention leads to experience and progression.

If you would like to know more about us or see what CDS can offer you or your business, please contact us today.

Vision & Values

CDS are a rapidly growing agency currently supplying labour right across the UK to many clients.

We pride ourselves on the ethical way in which we operate and have invested heavily in compliance in order to ensure we meet and maintain all of our obligations. We have our own in-house compliance team who continually review, test and improve our processes, train our staff, work with clients and external auditors, and have a good open working relationship with regulators and enforcement bodies.

CDS is an active member of SEDEX, the ALP and Stronger Together, regularly attending and participating in training, so that we can be sure we are fully up to date with all matters of legislation and changes that may affect the way we operate.

Our vision is to be the best at all times, by recruiting and supplying the best possible workers to our clients, at the fairest rate, whilst ensuring that none of our workers is disadvantaged or exploited.

Our mission is simple: our business model is built on promoting Honesty, Fairness & Respect so whether you are a worker or a potential client, get in touch now and let us tell you more.

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