Getting to work and on time can sometimes be a problem so at CDS we have an optional travel service which you can use if you wish to. We have drivers and minibuses who will collect you from a certain point near to your home and get you to and from work, almost door to door, each day, better and cheaper than a local bus service. All our minibuses are hired locally, so we can be sure that they are safe, legal and fully and regularly maintained.

Our optional service also applies to getting you to the UK if you have come from another country to join us, and also if you arrive by plane, from the airport to the area where you are going to be working.

If you opt to move jobs whilst working for CDS we can also help you get to your new working location so just ask for more details.

As we have said all of the above are optional, you can sort out your own transport if you wish, but if you do use ours your recruitment consultant will explain how this works and what the cost will be to you.

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