Arriving in the UK for the first time or starting a new job can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have to find a place to live first. CDS want to help you get established, not just with work but also if you need it, with somewhere you can live, so we can offer to assist you with accommodation.

In certain areas we have a limited amount of accommodation, near to where you will be working that you can choose to live in if you wish to and at a rate to you that is affordable. The accommodation is normally in houses or flats that you will share with other CDS workers and you are of course free to move to accommodation of your own choice at any time. You may remain in the accommodation for as long as you like whilst working for CDS, and we guarantee that you will not be charged any more that the legal limit (currently, April 2024, £69.93 per week)

Safety and Compliance Tests

  • Electrically tested
  • Gas Safe Checked
  • PAT Tested
  • Local Shops & Amenities

We source accommodation throughout the UK to ensure we have workers close to their work

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