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What you need to know about Modern Labour. CDS Labour monitor Labour exploitation and human trafficking.

We hold a valid GLAA Licence and all our workers are supplied legally and have right to work in the UK. We monitor our internally systems and do not out source any of our recruiment.

We pride our self that we have regular audits from the ALP (Association of Labour Providers). We are also members of SEDEX

CDS also monitor and train our staff about the Stronger Together Program.
It is a GLAA requirement of the licence of a Labour Provider that the Labour user only makes a service level agreement and with an authorised authority.

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It is very important to us that you understand our intentions, and your rights, in relation to your personal data.

By providing your personal data to us, you acknowledge that you have read, and understood, our privacy policy. You acknowledge that we may process your personal data in accordance with that privacy policy, and for the purposes set out in the privacy policy.


We may process your personal data without your consent where we have another legal right to do so. Most commonly this will be where the processing of your personal data is necessary in order to enter into, or perform, a contract with you. Additional detail on this and other potential legal grounds under which we may process your personal data are set out in our privacy policy.

You may withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data at any time, by contacting us on We may continue to process some of your personal data if we have another legal right to do so, in accordance with our privacy policy.


Please click on this [Privacy Policy] to read through the privacy policy again – you will be unable to provide us with your personal data until you have done so. This will open a separate window in which you may confirm your agreement. You do not need to consent to our use of your data for marketing purposes in order to proceed.

CDS Labour GLAA License Number


The Principal Authority




Mr. Carl Steele

The Office

Chapel Farm

Deeping St. Nicholas



PE11 3DS


01775 302010

01775 302000

To verify a License go to:

I Use Workers

Public Register

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