About Us

CDS Labour are a young, vibrant labour agency, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing labour suppliers in the UK, with clients, in the Agriculture, Horticulture, Industrial, Poultry & Driving sectors.

CDS are flexible, dynamic and creative, employing the latest IT technologies and people to provide a high quality service that dovetails with all aspects of your staffing needs.

We specialise in providing outstanding support to our clients, be it a ‘one off’ placement, or a number of temporary positions of a much wider scope, we pride ourselves on being able to listen to our customers and give them the results they want, as fast as we can.

Why choose us?

CDS Labour have our own in house team of people who look after the customer and workers at the office and in the field.

Our Structure

Managing Director:                          Mr Carl Steele

Sales Manager (GLAA & Drivers)

Marketing & Telesales

Sales Account Managers (GLAA & Drivers)

Delivery Account Managers

Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment Resoucers

Transport & Accomodation Team

Financial Accounts & Payroll Team

Maintenance Team

Van Drivers


         Examples of labour we provide:

Farm Workers
Nursery Workers
Potato Graders
Van Drivers
Lorry Drivers
Flower Pullers
Tractor Drivers
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